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The Buckeye Council, BSA and Camp Tuscazoar have a very rich history. They are so much one in this area that one’s story can tell the other’s for the largest part and that’s why we are so very proud to be able to make a wonderful production available to you if you help support the Camp Tuscazoar Foundation, Inc.

A simple donation to CTF and we will send you all of our gratitude and this “thank you” gift, The Story of Buckeye Council 1916 – 2005 DVD. Your tax deductible donation of $10 or more (plus $4 Shipping & Handling) will get you a DVD telling the story of this area’s Boy Scout movement in digitally mastered pictures from the collections of area men; men that grew up and made parts of the history happen. Narrated by Scouters both young and old in moving voices that echo the reverence each holds for their own bits of the “Story.”

We want you to see and share this magnificent collection of images.  Many have never seen before by most folks. We want you to feel the paths as Scouts long passed trod them, carving them into the hillsides of our Camp Tuscazoar, of Camp Buckeye, and of Seven Ranges where programs continue to teach Scouting to eager boys and girls.

By helping us to keep Camp Tuscazoar running you become a part of our history, too. We keep this camp for the kids … for the campers and hikers … for the birdwatchers and stargazers … for the grandkids and grandparents … for the future and all it holds, young and old.

Follow the link below and use the form. Print it out, follow the instructions and mail it in so you can play your part and we’ll thank YOU in a very special way, with a gift from our hearts. 

The Buckeye Council Story 1916 – 2005 DVD can be yours only if you help us.

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