Primitive Camping

The beautiful hills of Camp Tuscazoar are crisscrossed with paths from ages past and trails from recent hikers, bikers and horseback riders. Follow them to discover the wonders of the forest. Camp amidst the history and feel the land’s ancient Indian heartbeat…from civilizations long gone. Pioneers saw this place as a bounty and you will too when you challenge the forest to keep you and surround you.

Tent Sites

Sites for tent camping are scattered throughout the hills of Camp Tuscazoar and can accommodate as few as one up to very large groups. For those who desire a true primitive camping experience, the tent sites at Tuscazoar offer an ideal location.


Three-sided adirondacks provide additional protection for groups who do not have tents but still desire a primitive camping experience. Adirondacks are located at the One Leg, Three Legs and Rex Farrall campsites.