Gold Rush

As always, the 2024 Gold Rush Competition will require the use of: SKILL + ENDURANCE + STRATEGY & LUCK to determine an overall winner.

January 26-28, 2024

The Gold Rush will include:

  • Trail-side stations requiring outdoor skills
  • Saturday breakfast and dinner
  • Unique Gold Rush patch
  • Campfire program
  • Auction

The 2024 Gold Rush competition is just around the corner and, like last year, this will be a full camping event.

Eight stations will cover a variety of scout skills. They could include anything from tracking animals to astronomy and even the knowledge of woods tools. We will also set up three Gold Rush rubbing stations at various locations to earn time off the total score. As always, it is not who finishes first, but who finishes fastest.

The event will include a camp patch, breakfast and dinner on Saturday, a campfire program, awards ceremony, auction and all the Saturday activities. The cost for the event is $30 per attendee.

We are again asking that each troop donate a $25 to $30 item for the auction after the race. We ask that these items be something other than food. We will provide the food items. Auction items can be turned in at the dining hall on Friday night or Saturday morning

Thanks to Spenser Long, program director, for planning the event this year.

Due to limited parking at camp, please plan to car pool if possible.

To reserve a campsite or cabin:

To register your group for the Gold Rush, complete the following form and return it to the camp.

2024 Gold Rush Registration Form >

2024 Gold Rush Registration Schedule >

NOTE for 2025: To make it more equitable for all, no reservations for campsites or cabins will be available to rent for Gold Rush 2025 until March 1, 2024.

2024 Gold Rush Sled Equipment List

  • 1 Klondike style Sled
  • Nugget Pouch
  • Poles = Three 5ft. and Two 3ft.  
  • Rope = 5-10-15ft. multiple lengths of each (550 para-cord does not count as rope while it is good cordage for small things it does not adequately work for lashings)
  • Wood & Matches or Camp Stove (for cooking lunch)
  • Food & Utensils (for patrol and judges)
  • Lunch:  Maximum nugget potential requires spending a minimum of 30 minutes preparing a hot cooked meal (chili) and clean-up afterwards.
  • Water (personal and patrol)
  • Grill or Garbage Can Lid (to keep fires off bare ground)
  • Tarp (approx. 9 x 12 ft.)
  • Compass (at least one)
  • Pencil & Paper
  • Matches
  • Ax and/or Hatchet (with a sheath)
  • Hand Saw
  • Knife
  • Patrol First Aid Kit
  • Personal first aid kit
  • Plastic Bag (for the patrol score card)
  • Watch (or method of keeping time)

*Fire building material (kindling, tinder, and fuel) can be collected on the trail, highly recommended