Running with my Gnomies

If you think you know the trails at Camp Tuscazoar, think again!

This race will will take you on trails you didn’t know were there and to places where usually only the Gnomes go! If you want a challenging, unique, beautiful course this is it!

May 14, 2022 8 a.m. start time

Running with My Gnomies is a 25k and 50k through the hills of Camp Tuscazoar. Not only will you get to run with your Gnomies (Friends) you will also run with Gnomes! As you run along the course look for the gnomes of Tuscazoar. There are many of them hiding among the rocks and trees of the Camp Tuscazoar forest. Count and see if you can find them all. They will have letters to spell out a message that if you know at the finish you will receive an extra bit of swag!

NEW! We’ve added a 9 mile (give or take a bit) distance this year. The race will start at the same time as the other distances. This will allow you to run with a friend that may not want to do a 25k or 50k to run with you for part of the 25k! The 9ish mile course will follow the same route as the other distances and break off early to head back to the finish line! So bring your Homies to Run with the Gnomies!


The course is a 25k loop (the 50k race runs 2 loops). It’s a combination of single-track trails, bridal trails, and a short distance of gravel access road, all on the Camp Tuscazoar property.

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