Doris Kimble passes away

All of us in the Camp Tuscazoar Foundation, especially those few who remain of the members back in the late 1980s and 1990s, were saddened to learn of the recent passing of Doris Kimble. Mrs. Kimble, and her husband Floyd, purchased the camp from the Buckeye Council in 1984, when the council decided to combine its separate operations of camps Buckeye and Tuscazoar at the newly purchased Seven Ranges Scout Reservation. Since Camp Tuscazoar was no longer needed, the council approached Mr. and Mrs. Kimble and they, in an act of generosity to the scout council, purchased the property. She stated to several of us a number of times over the years that it was her intent in making the purchase to reopen the camp as a place for artists, or perhaps a camp for children with disabilities or those who were underprivileged. Those who knew her never doubted her intent.

In 1989, when the Foundation finally found itself on a firmer financial footing, Mr. and Mrs. Kimble made the unexpected but very welcome decision to donate the northern 110 acres of the original camp property to the Foundation. In subsequent years, and even following her husband’s passing in 1998, Mrs. Kimble worked with the Foundation and made the remaining original camp property available for sale to the Foundation. In addition, in the years following, Kimble family members have been incomparable benefactors to Camp Tuscazoar and provided financial support for numerous camp improvement projects.

A few years ago, Camp Tuscazoar historian Fred Gray wrote these words: “Not since the time of Frank Hoover has so much financial assistance been given to the camp. Among the stars in the Tuscazoar pantheon, Frank Hoover and the Kimbles shine at the highest magnitude.” It can truly be said that without Doris Kimble and her vision, Camp Tuscazoar would not have been preserved for our use today. A number of years ago, in recognition of their massive generosity, we named our dining facility, the center of the camp, Kimble Hall in honor of Doris, Floyd and the Kimble Family. Our heartfelt sympathies go out to the family at this difficult time. We mourn with them the passing of this wonderful lady.

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