W. C. Moorhead Museum

A tribute to Camp Tuscazoar: to the scouts, the traditions, and ideals; a place for learning, for recollection, and remembrance.

The W. C. Moorhead Museum at Camp Tuscazoar collects and exhibits photographs, books, uniforms, artifacts and other memorabilia depicting the history of Camp Tuscazoar and area scouting.

Camp Tuscazoar’s development was closely linked to the growth of scouting in this region. Thousands of campers have trod the paths, climbed its hills, explored its valleys and slept beneath its tall timbers. Camp Tuscazoar is the birthplace of the Pipestone Camp Honors Program and includes the only remaining Zoarite iron mine.

The museum was built in 1995 as part of Camp Tuscazoar’s 75th Anniversary celebration. Years ago, W. C. (Cecil) Moorhead, Camp Tuscazoar’s first ranger, decided to finance the construction of such a museum for the enjoyment and education of camp visitors. When he passed away in 1993, the Camp Tuscazoar Foundation began planning for the museum’s development. Cecil’s lifelong collection of memorabilia is housed in the museum as well.

The walkway that leads to the W.C. Moorhead Museum is paved with the names of Eagle Scouts who shared the ideals, beliefs, and determination of William C. Moorhead.

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Hours of operation:

We do our best to have a volunteer in the museum from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays. Other visits can be arranged by appointment. We recommend that you call ahead at 330-859-2288 if you are planning to travel a long distance.

How You Can Help!

The Camp Tuscazoar Foundation needs your assistance with the following items to help make a visit to the W. C. Moorhead Museum a memorable experience:

W.C. Moorhead-Museum interior

Additional funds are needed to complete the interior design, displays, and for ongoing maintenance. Assistance is also needed for organizing and cataloging donations, and to staff the museum during open hours.

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Please send the completed form to:
W. C. Moorhead Museum Fund
P.O. Box 308
Zoarville Ohio 44656-0308