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Maple Syrup Sugarmaker

Camp Tuscazoar, in Zoarville, Ohio, is seeking a foreperson to head our maple syrup operation for the 2021-2022 season.

We have very high-quality equipment in our sugarhouse that’s fuel-fired. We use a vacuum system to obtain the sap and a stainless-steel evaporator for the boiling. In addition, we’ve just purchased a reverse osmosis (RO) machine to assist with the cooking time.

The successful candidate will be responsible for creating our syrup. We do have a core group of volunteers to assist, but need a Foreperson to head the operation.

Essential Job Functions

Preferred Education and Experience

Payment Arrangement

Pay for this position could be in the form of an independent contractor, or some arrangement with the qualified person to exchange use of our equipment in lieu of part of the payment. This will be discussed with any serious inquiry. Lodging during the maple time may also be provided as part of the arrangement.

Inquiries and application should be sent to:

PO BOX 308

Phone: 330-859-2288