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Zoarville Station Bridge at Camp Tuscazoar

Original Location Photo

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Historical Photos

Special thanks and appreciation to the Dover Historical Society of Dover, OH for providing this historic photograph and its use.

Scroll down to see a larger image of the Zoarville Station Bridge alone. This really is a wonderful picture of a steam powered canal boat!

Steam-powered canal boat near the Zoarville Station Bridge

Please notice that the railroad which crosses the canal and Tuscarawas River in this photograph is not carried by our bridge. The ZSB was a roadway bridge. Though not easily seen in these pictures, careful inspection of the utility poles reveals that the roadway which crosses the river is mostly hidden behind the railway bridge and bed.

The Zoarville Station Bridge visible near the railroad bridge

The photo below, probably dating from the late 1800s, also shows our Zoarville Station Bridge (in the upper right corner) in its original position as a roadway bridge. The photo was taken looking south from Front Street in Dover. 
Photo courtesy of the Tuscarawas County Historical Society.

The Zoarville Station Bridge in Dover

If anyone has more old pictures of the ZSB, we'd sure love to see them !!! Contact our Project Manager, Mr. Dave Tschantz, by sending an email to info@tuscazoar.org.

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