Tuscazoar Hymn

The Tuscazoar Hymn

Words by Robert Senhauser

By the Tuscarawas Waters near the town of Zoar;
Lies the place our hearts hold dearest, our Camp Tuscazoar.

Here it lies in nature’s splendor as in days gone by;
Nestled down among the green hills ‘neath the clear blue sky.

Here the majesty of nature spreads before our view;
And the might of our creator we can feel anew.

From the father to the son we’ll pass the scouting lore;
We will keep the spirit burning at Camp Tuscazoar.

Here is where we spend our summers hiking through the hills;
There is where we spent our boyhood and enjoyed the thrills.

How we love our alma mater only scouts can know;
We will take the memories with us as through life we go.

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Credit: This sample is taken from Hail All Ye Old Time Campers, a compilation of camp songs recorded and produced by the Troop 5 Foundation.