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Camp Tuscazoar Trading Post

The Camp Tuscazoar Trading Post is where we sell camp stuff. In most cases, these items can now be purchased through the internet. Or, you can request to purchase items using email to Please include your name and mailing address and we will send you ordering information.

Visit Dave’s Tuscazoar Trading Post to see the variety of items we offer!

Centennial Coin Set >

Celebrate Camp Tuscazoar’s 100th year of service to youth with this display of our centennial coin collection. The durable cardboard holder measures 10″ x 10″. Five coins are included. A limited quantity have been ordered, so they are only available while supplies last

Camp Tuscazoar Patch >

Features a beautifully embroidered Camp Tuscazoar logo. Will hang from a pocket button or can be sewn onto your garment or hat.

Camp Tuscazoar Decal >

Apply this decal to trailers, vehicle bumpers or anywhere you want to “keep the spirit burning.”

Centennial Christmas Ornament >

Commemorate Camp Tuscazoar’s centennial celebration and the reconstruction of our iconic stockade entrance by displaying this keepsake ornament on your Christmas tree year after year. A limited quantity have been ordered, so they are only available while supplies last for $25 apiece plus $8.50 for shipping.

“100 Years of Memories” Oversized Patch >

Commemorating 100 Years of Camp Tuscazoar history! Patch dimensions are roughly 8″ x 7″. This patch is currently being offered at present on a pre-sale basis only. Available for $20 +$2 for shipping.

Centennial T-Shirts >

Celebrate Camp Tuscazoar’s 100th anniversary with this commemorative T-shirt.

Centennial Caps >

Colorful Camp Tuscazoar Centennial Patch embroidered on a cloth cap. Cap is adjustable.

Centennial Hiking Medallions >

Add this keepsake hiking medallion, which commemorates Camp Tuscazoar’s 100th anniversary, to your collection. Available for $6.00 each.

Hiking Sticks >

If you’re going to buy one of our medallions, you HAVE to have a hiking stick to affix it to! These sturdy, wooden sticks are available for $20.00 each.

Pure, old-fashioned Camp Tuscazoar Maple Syrup >

Delicious, old-fashioned maple syrup produced right at Camp Tuscazoar!  Ideal for pancakes, waffles and french toast.  Available in individual 8 oz. bottles or in jugs of larger quantities.

Hiking Medallion >

Those who collect medallions for their walking sticks can now add Camp Tuscazoar to their collection. These colorful mementos picture the camp stockade.

90th Anniversary Framed Patch Set >

Celebrate Camp Tuscazoar’s 90th year of service to youth with this set of anniversary patches mounted under glass in an attractive display frame. Limited quantities available!

Commemorative National Scout Jamboree Belt Buckles >

Commemorative belt buckles celebrating the 1937, 1950, 1953, 1957 and 1975 National Scout Jamborees.

Camp Tuscazoar Caps >

Colorful Camp Tuscazoar patch embroidered to a 100% polyester cap. A variety of colors and styles are available.

The Story of the Buckeye Council 1916 – 2005 >

As a “Thank You!” for your contribution of $10 or more (plus $4 s&h) to our Not-For-Profit foundation, you will be rewarded with a free gift copy of this very special DVD.

Signs of the Times: The End of Camp Tuscazoar and the Beginning of Seven Ranges >

This remarkable DVD captures the ending of Camp Tuscazoar and the beginning of Seven Ranges Scout Reservation. Featuring footage shot in 1985, 1986 and 1987, this DVD offers a look back at daily life at Camp Tuscazoar in the mid-1980’s

The Spirit of Seven Ranges and Tuscazoar in Song and Verse >

In 1986, a group of camp staff members committed themselves to serve for two summers to help ease the transition to a new camp. This CD includes several musical selections that pay tribute to this transitional time.

Sunday Night Vespers on Pioneer Point by Robert Hahn >

The Sunday Night Vespers at scout summer camp, begun by Council Executive George Deaver, was continued for more than two decades by Robert Hahn. This DVD records the traditional talk given by Mr. Hahn at Pioneer Point.

C. Bernard Myers Last Vespers >

Bernie Myers served on the summer camp staff in 1924 and he received his Pipestone the second week that the ceremony was performed in 1926. In later years, Bernie served on many Council camp staffs. This CD records his last vespers talk in 2003.  

Zoarville Station Bridge Patches > 

These colorful keepsake patches commemorate the restoration and re-opening of the historic Zoarville Station Bridge at Camp Tuscazoar.

“Go Take a Hike” T-Shirts >

Featuring the “Go Take a Hike” theme next to a hiking boot imprint with “Tuscazoar” embedded in it.  Available in a variety of sizes and colors.

“I Hiked Icky’s Trail” T-Shirts >

Featuring the Icky’s Trail logo with “I Hiked Icky’s Trail” printed below. Available in a variety of sizes and colors.

Troop 5 Cabin Miniatures >

Three-dimensional hand made replica of Troop 5 Cabin.

Past Camp Tuscazoar Event Patches >

Colorful patches from previous camp events. If you didn’t get them then, here’s your chance.

Woodcraft Book >

Author E. H. Kreps tells how to make log cabins, camp furniture, cooking fires, snowshoes and camp foods. He also gives instructions on the use of a compass, axe and traveling in the pathless woods.

Camp and Trail Methods Book >

Another old time book that gives practical information for lovers of nature on what to take camping and how to make your camp before the days of modern camping equipment and technology. 

Eagle Bricks >

Honor an Eagle Scout with a commemorative paving brick engraved to your liking.

75th Anniversary Framed Patch Set >

Celebrate Camp Tuscazoar’s 75th year of service to youth with this set of anniversary patches mounted under glass in an attractive display frame.