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Schoenbrunn to Ft. Laurens
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Preservation & Restoration

Camp Tuscazoar Tour & Maps

This page can show you how to get to Camp Tuscazoar and what you'll find here when you arrive.   

Visitor's guide

Camp Tuscazoar Maps

From the Zoarville Station Bridge in the north to the Zoarite Iron Mines in the south, this page offers a map of Camp Tuscazoar with links to information on Tuscazoar's points of interest.   Camp Tuscazoar map page
  Large Camp Tuscazoar map
  Camp Tuscazoar map for printing
  Dirt Line Map (Mountain bike trails)
    Dirt Line Map -East Side (East side bike trails)
    Horse Trails (Inner Camp)
    Horse Trails (North Camp) 
    Horse Trails (South Camp) 

Topographical Maps

Area Maps

Map by CTF Member Mark Brunner   Maps of the area around Camp Tuscazoar

Camping Facilities

Other Facilities

Cabins and Lodges   Kimble Dining Hall
Tent Sites   W. C. Moorhead Museum
Shower House   Tom's Chapel