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Preservation & Restoration

Late night fire consumes Tool House, contents.

Recovery plan creates unique opportunity for creation of new Handicapped Lodge.

Camp Tuscazoar's tool house was destroyed by fire in the early morning of March 14th, 2005. The building and all contents are lost.

The Tool House at Camp Tuscazoar

The cause of the fire is not known, but was likely due to electrical failure. The tool house, a block structure built in the 1950s, sat alongside the service road in central camp. It housed the camp's electrical service, water pump and well head, and was storage for tools and other small equipment. Temporary arrangements have been made for water and electrical service. Weekend camping and the upcoming Maple Days Festival will continue as planned. Our shovels, rakes, post hole diggers, tree trimmers, mowers, lanterns and other camp maintenance equipment stored in the building were destroyed. Donations of replacement tools are much needed, especially as spring approaches.

The Camp Tuscazoar Foundation has drawn up preliminary plans to replace the tool house building with a new three-story structure. The initial use will be for new electrical service and water treatment facilities, all located in a new lower level dedicated for "tool house" use. The exciting news in our recovery plan is the new building's ground level will become our Handicap Lodge with fully handicapped accessible facilities; sleeping, cooking and restroom. A second story will also be fully handicapped accessible and will serve as new Campmaster headquarters and lodge. Duryee Lodge will become a regular rented lodge for smaller groups. The Camp Tuscazoar Foundation is truly excited by the plans for our new building. The loss to the fire has been a setback but we are growing from it in positive ways! We are now seeking donations to support this project. If you can contribute funds, materials, time or equipment to help us restore this building, PLEASE contact the camp at 330-859-2288 or via e-mail at info@tuscazoar.org

"Like a phoenix rising up from the ashes comes a sorely needed facility destined to serve even more youth."

              Jim Kardos, CTF Director