Tom’s Chapel

Tom’s Chapel

A quiet place for reflection or for group services, Tom’s Chapel is surrounded by God’s creation in its most splendid display.

Tom's Chapel exterior
Tom's Chapel interior

A short distance down the hill from the stockade, nestled among tall oaks, tulips, and maples, this chapel was built in 1965 in memory of Tommy Hohn, a Star Scout in Troop 6 at Canton’s First Methodist Church. Tommy died at age 14 and the congregation raised a memorial fund in Tommy’s name and, with the help of Troop 6 and scoutmaster H.P. Whittaker, they constructed the open-air structure. The ashes of Tommy’s cremated body were interred beneath the chapel’s floor.

Seating capacity: 12 benches seating a total of 48 to 60

…a truly reverent place.