Stockade Restoration

Help restore a longtime symbol of Camp Tuscazoar

At the February Camp Tuscazoar Foundation board meeting, the board signed the contract to begin construction of a new stockade entrance.

On March 20, the old stockade was removed to clear the way for new construction. On May 2, trenches were dug and footers were poured to begin the reconstruction. The foundation was poured by May 23 and, in July, workers began adding a stone exterior to the foundation. In August, the logs were delivered and were squared up. The logs have been added and, as of October 8, the crossover bridge has been installed. Watch this page for an announcement on our official dedication ceremony planned for October 4, 2020. All those who contributed will receive an invitation.

The first stockade entrance at Camp Tuscazoar was constructed in the early 1920’s. Since then, at least two other similar entrances were built to welcome campers.  Thousands have passed through these gates and have read the sign that says, “You are a stranger here but once.”

The time has come once again to restore this symbol of Camp Tuscazoar. The Camp Tuscazoar Foundation will be constructing another stockade, complete with a crossover bridge, during the camp’s 100th anniversary in 2020.

Our intention is to construct this stockade in such a manner that it will last for many years.  We will be reusing the original gate hardware to maintain the historic look.  The crossover bridge will be replicated to match the old one so that troops will once again be able to use this structure for their crossover ceremonies! This will be a grassroots campaign. 

We still find ourselves short of paying cash for the entire project, but as we continue to receive your individual donations, we are confident that the balance of the funds will come!  Several suggestions for donations are listed in our fundraising brochure but any amount given will be appreciated.  Every donor will be thanked for their contribution and invited to a dedication at a later date.  If donations exceed the funds needed to complete this project, they will be used for events during our 100th anniversary.  

Our hope is to have the construction completed by our annual Pig Roast so that those of you who have made donations will see your names proudly displayed. Thank you for your support!

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