Camp Tuscazoar’s Rules of Use

Effective January 2009 

  1. Unit/Group leaders are responsible for the actions, safety and welfare of their unit/group and for any damage to camp property. Each unit/ maintain two (2) adult leaders, one of whom must be age 21 or older, who are in charge of the unit/group at all times. The Camp Ranger may assess costs against unit/group leaders for damage to or loss of camp property caused by a member of that leader’s unit/group or their visitors.
  2. Units/Groups are responsible for the bagging and disposal of trash in the camp dumpster located in the main parking lot at or before checkout time. All unit/group trash must be disposed of in the camp dumpster or carried out of camp.
  3.  Arriving units/groups must check-in with Camp master or Ranger before going to lodge/site and turn in a completed roster, all applications and fees due.  Leaders are responsible at all times for knowing the whereabouts of all campers and visitors with their unit/group while in camp.
  4. No one may enter or remain on camp property without permission of the Camp Ranger or Campmaster. Campers and visitors must remain within the posted boundaries of camp property at all times while in camp.
  5. At least one night’s supply of firewood must be on hand at the rented facility at checkout time.
  6. These items are strictly prohibited on camp property at all times, unless authorized in writing by the CTF Board of Directors:
    1. Alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs & accessories, sexually explicit materials, ammunition, explosives and fireworks.
    2. Any type of weapon (including BB guns, paintball guns, and slingshots) or hunting/trapping equipment.
    3. Motorized bicycles / vehicles, motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles.
  7. These activities are strictly prohibited on camp property at all times, unless authorized in writing by the CTF Board of Directors:
    1. Hunting or trapping, the collection and removal of live non-domesticated animals, or the release of animals onto camp property.
    2. Erection of permanent structures and establishment of new trails.
  8. The following items are restricted:
    1. Liquid fuels, propane and fueled appliances, electric heaters and electric cooking units, must be handled and operated by an adult using safe procedures. Fuels may not be used to start or added to ground fires.
    2. Only adults, to cut up downed timber only, may use chain saws. Any unit/group cutting standing timber (dead or live), or damaging trees (sawed, chopped, axed, carved or otherwise damaged) without the prior permission of the Camp Ranger or Campmaster will be fined $50 per tree. However, cutting of multi-flora rose and grapevines is encouraged.
    3. Pets, on a secured leash or restraint at all times, are permitted in camp during the day. Working animals are exempt to this restriction. Nuisance animals will be dealt with individually by the Camp Ranger or Camp Master.
    4. Vehicles are restricted to the main parking lot. No camper may drive or park a vehicle within the camp stockade or service road gates unless that vehicle has been personally authorized for entry by the Camp Ranger or Campmaster. Parked vehicles must not block any roads or lots at any time.
  9. Ground fires are permitted inside of designated fire rings only. No fire should be left unattended at any time. Unattended fires will be promptly extinguished at the discretion of the Camp Tuscazoar staff.
  10. Weekend camping checkout time is 11:00 a.m. on Sunday morning unless other arrangements have been made with the Camp Ranger or Campmaster. Camp gates will be closed at 11:30 a.m.

The Camp Tuscazoar Foundation, Inc. reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to refuse use of the camp to anyone at any time. 

These rules will be enforced. They apply to everyone and to all CTF, Inc. property. They remain in effect at all times.