Service Projects

Camp Tuscazoar Service Project Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in conducting your service project (Eagle, Gold Award, etc.) with Camp Tuscazoar Foundation, Inc., herein referred to as CTF. Please read through the following instructions and expectations before requesting a project.

  1. Submit a Project Request Form at least 3 months prior to the expected project completion date.
  2. Once the Project Request Form is received, CTF will contact the candidate and connect them with the appropriate CTF Director based on the project idea, location, or other factors. It is the responsibility of the candidate to reach out to this CTF Director in a timely fashion.
  3. The CTF Director will schedule a mandatory in-person meeting with the individual (candidate and parent/adult guardian) or service project representative.
    • If the candidate already has a project in mind, they must provide a draft version in writing at this meeting to be reviewed with CTF Director(s). This meeting is to discuss project specifics and to make special note of needs from CTF. Directors may refuse project ideas if they are not a good fit with CTF priorities, but they may offer alternative project ideas whenever possible.
      • During this meeting candidates will also discuss any means and plans for fundraising, noting that CTF is the beneficiary and any use of the CTF name in fundraising will need to be approved by CTF prior to utilizing the CTF name/logo, in print, on social media etc. Note: CTF may offer resources, when possible, but rarely offers monetary support for projects.
    • If the candidate does not have a project in mind, this meeting will serve as an opportunity to tour camp to determine the needs and propose a project to CTF Directors.
  4. The service project is then taken to the CTF Board. If the project is approved by the CTF Board of Directors, the candidate will work with the designated CTF Director to obtain the proper sign offs, implement the project, schedule workdays, and generally keep the designated CTF Director along with their adult/parent guardian (if applicable) updated on the progress of the project.
    • Workdays on CTF property must be scheduled with at least 72 hours advance notice through the CTF designated Director and outline how the volunteers will use proper safety procedures and guidelines (examples: youth protection: never a one-on-one meeting, texts will include adult/guardian, phone calls will be to adult guardian first.)
    • All volunteers must complete a volunteer waiver form prior to conducting any work on CTF property.
  5. Upon completion of the project, the candidate will schedule an in-person walk through/inspection with the designated CTF Director and parent/adult guardian to ensure the project was completed as outlined.

Thank you for choosing Camp Tuscazoar as your project beneficiary. We look forward to working with you!

– Camp Tuscazoar Foundation Board of Directors

Some General Guidelines:

Five Tests of a Good Project:

  1. Plan,
  2. Develop and
  3. Give leadership to others in a service project
  4. Complexity – a common example used: must be more than just painting a wall
  5. Feasibility – must show a reasonable chance of success and to have a good experience to all involved