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McKinley Area Council Replica Patches

McKinley Area Council 1953 Replica Patch

We're proud to offer the first of the McKinley Area Council replica felt patches. The original 1953 event and summer camp patch was designed by camp staffer, longtime Scouter and artist Jim McLinden. These replicas are perfect for those Scout and Scouter collectors who have an appreciation for the Council's history and want representations of the historic patches to fill out their displays. These are hand-made as exact as possible to the originals except that the outer event ring is not separate from the center. As with the 1953 originals, these felts will be offered in a limited quantity. In the coming months we'll be offering replicas of all six surviving felts from 1944 to 1953, featuring Camp Tuscazoar's mascot, Icky. The patches are offered at $9.00 each (postage included), and are intended as a thank you for your donation to help defray camp maintenance expenses. A copy of a letter from Jim McLinden that tells the story of the patches will accompany each patch. The other historic patch designs will be available in coming weeks.

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