River Sweep/Merit Badge Day

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Soil & Water Conservation MB

Camp Tuscazoar’s first Mini-River Sweep and Soil & Water Conservation Merit Badge Day will be held May 21. This event will be held in partnership with Rural Action, a membership-based non-profit that helps empower communities to value and take ownership of our environment, economy and community.

May 21, 2022

Ohio River Sweep

The Ohio River Sweep Program is an annual volunteer cleanup to remove litter from the Ohio River. Litter in our waterways is a global problem and the Ohio River Sweep addresses the problem locally. Mini-River Sweeps enable small groups to make a big impact on waterways in their community.

The general public and Scouts are invited to participate. Volunteers will be given trash bags, gloves and a T-Shirt. The goal is to clean the banks of the Tuscarawas River from Dover Dam to Zoarville, a 1.5-mile stretch, with approximately 50 volunteers. Volunteers will check in at camp and confirm they have signed a waiver and watched a safety video and then will be shuttled to the banks of the Tuscarawas River where they will be supervised during clean-up. At the end of the clean-up, volunteers will be shuttled back to camp. The event will be from noon to 4 p.m., with Trash Trophies and a very special dinner at the end of the day.

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Soil and Water Conservation Merit Badge

Scouts must turn in a completed Soil and Water Conservation workbook, which can be found at: http://usscouts.org/usscouts/mb/mb106.asp. Scouts will need to fill out Requirements 1-7. Requirement 7-f will be completed during the river clean up. Scouts will need to complete one of the other tasks for Requirement 7a-e before the event. Merit badge counselor Sean Harris will check the workbooks for completion. Scouts will give him their blue card, filled out correctly, when they turn in their workbook. He will return their cards and workbooks at the dinner. You can reach Sean by phone at 330-417-8017 or via email at Sean.harris686@gmail.com.

Additional information about registration for volunteers will be posted soon. If you would like to help with this event, contact Nancy Schoenbaum at 330-859-2288 or email us at info@tuscazoar.org.