2023 Reign of Pain

The trails at Camp Tuscazoar will be crowded on July 1 as the camp hosts the 2023 Reign of Pain mountain biking event.

July 1, 2023

Tackling one of Ohio’s newer and evolving trail systems, Camp Tuscazoar is a mix of OLD and NEW building styles designed and built by riders! This cross country course is mile-for-mile the most diverse trail system in Ohio with narrow single track, exposed roots, tire chewing rocks, and steep climbing and a sprinkle of smooth and fast flow trail to keep you on your toes and entertained over and over again!

Racing as a team affords the opportunity to push your engine into the anaerobic zone, then gratefully hand off the baton to your hesitant partner while you collapse in a quivering heap, smiling with the knowledge of the suffering that is about to beset them. Don’t get too comfy cozy though, as your turn will eventually come back around to bite ya’ once again.

Your team or you alone have 6.5 hours to leave your mark indelibly imprinted in mountain bike history. Be sure you choose a partner who is strong, determined, fun, and a wee bit crazier than you. As long as you finish one lap you win but we will poke you to push your limits!

Bring a grill, your favorite water gun or music because while the racers are out suffering the party is going behind the stockade in the pit keeping everyone entertained while they wait for their turn to suffer!

This is a classy fundraising event to assist in the expansion of their trail system over more heinous terrain; black tie, while not mandatory, is recommended.

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