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Construction of New Camp Tuscazoar Stockade

Camp Tuscazoar undertakes construction of new Stockade.

Camp Tuscazoar's Historic Stockade

This historic stockade is gone now.

A new stockade is being constructed to replace it.

Having stood since the mid 1960's, the old Stockade, which has long been Camp Tuscazoar's symbol, had succumbed to decay.

The New Stockade at Camp Tuscazoar

The new Stockade will stand in the same place as the last Stockade and will use some of the salvageable materials from the last one too.

This picture was taken March 27th, 1998.

Construction of the new stockade
April 25, 1998
Harry Wood helps assemble the new stockade
Project Manager Trustee Harry Wood guides a gateway post into place, then helps guide the placement of a crossmember.

The new stockade on May 2, 1998
By May 2nd the new stockade has really taken shape!
Braces hold the stockade posts in position
Braces hold posts in position while rain, time and their own weight help them to settle. The posts will be cut to their finished height in about a year.

Dale Tschantz inspects the new stockade posts
CTF Trustee Dale Tschantz inspects soldier posts in the new stockade. Work continues.