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Gold Rush Competition - 2000

 Gold Rush XII

February 11th - 12th - 13th

Dear Troop Leader,

This year's Gold Rush will focus on the fun and excitement of the Yukon. We know there are Klondike events which challenge your skills so we want you to come to our Gold Rush Event and have lots of FUN! The activity fee per person for this event is $6.00, and this will be collected at the W. C. Moorhead Museum when you register upon arrival. This fee does include one event patch per participant, a hotdog lunch on the trail during Saturday's events and a chili dinner at 6 pm in Kimble Hall. There will be an Awards Ceremony at 8 pm in Kimble Hall in honor of our winners.

Flag raising will be at 9 am Saturday and the day's events will begin with a "shotgun start" immediately following. 

It's been muddy and it's been icy. If it's frozen and snowy then we hope you'll bring your Klondike sleds. If it's not-quite-so-frozen and muddy then please just bring your backpacks.

Traffic through camp will depend on road conditions.

MUD or ICE will severely restrict road use.


The Ranger has final say!

Camper departure time will be no later than noon on Sunday. Make plans to be checked out before 11AM.

  LEADERSHIP......... (average age 14 and older)
As in the past, there will be three (3) classes of
competitors for the event:
SCOUTS................ (average age less than 13½)
  WEBELOS CLASS......(younger)

The equipment that will be needed by each participating patrol is as follows:
Additionally, equipment that will be needed by each participant is as follows:
a compass a pen or pencil
matches a neckerchief
a first aid kit one piece of rope 6 feet long
a Scout Handbook or Fieldbook
a pocket knife or lockback knife  

Further instructions for the Saturday events will be explained at the 9 pm Patrol Leader's Meeting and 10 pm Adult Leader's Cracker-barrel on Friday night.

We will try to have plenty of firewood on hand for your convenience, at the campsites and the cities. We do ask that you leave a stack of "courtesy wood" in your site upon your leaving after the event.

Any vehicles permitted to enter the main camp must stay on the main service roadways, and must be returned to the parking lot IMMEDIATELY after unloading. This will depend, of course, on the surface conditions within the camp and is left up to the Ranger's discretion.

A nondenominational chapel service will be held in Tom's Chapel Sunday morning at 9:30.

Camper departure time will be no later than 12 noon on Sunday. At noon the gates will be locked.

We look forward to seeing you at the GOLD RUSH!!!

- Harry Wood, chairman
- Bob Spencer, co-chairman and chef extraordinaire.