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Eagle Bricks

"We will pave our way to the future with the names of the best!"

Camp Tuscazoar Eagle BrickGet your EAGLE BRICKS to commemorate your Eagle Rank or the Eagle Rank of a friend or relative. These standard red paving bricks feature engraved black letters of the text you choose. Honor a scout or your organization with a brick featuring names, dates, troop, city or whatever you desire.

These bricks are being used to pave the Eagle Walk in front of the W. C. Moorhead Museum and will be used in other choice camp locations when that walk is completed. Many of Camp Tuscazoar's Eagles are already honored here, but good locations are still available in The Eagle Walk at the museum.

Camp Tuscazoar Eagle BrickFor detailed ordering information, please refer to our Buy-A-Brick Campaign brochure.

If you cannot open the brochure file, please send an email to info@tuscazoar.org. We will mail our brochure with brick text instructions and ordering details to your address, so don't forget to give us your mailing information.

Update: July 16, 2018
- If you visit Camp Tuscazoar in the next few weeks, you may notice that the bricks from our Eagle Walk in front of the museum have been removed. The Eagle Walk is currently under renovations because animals frequently undermine the walk. With the bricks removed, a new cement base has been poured and the bricks are now being re-layed on that base. This should end the rodent problem and make the walk much more attractive.  We are attempting to replace the bricks exactly as they were but even with all our planning some bricks may be relocated.  We hope you understand and will enjoy looking for your brick in maybe a slightly different spot.   A special thank you to the Scouts of Troop 5150 and Cubs from Pack 2084 for their help in moving and stacking all of the bricks, and to Troop 176 for helping with the first stages of the restoration!