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“That such a camp has been provided, and so high a standard of purpose and practice in its conduct established and maintained, must be cause for deep gratitude, on the part of all…who have shared or shall come to know its joys and benefits, and on the part of all…who have contributed to the making of Camp Tuscazoar and its traditions.”

Loren E. Souers -from the Preface to Tuscazoar and Tales of the Tuscarawas

A General Endowment Fund has been established by the Camp Tuscazoar Foundation, Inc. to guarantee income in the future for maintenance, rehabilitation and reconstruction projects at Camp Tuscazoar. Known as the Camp Tuscazoar Endowment Fund, this special trust will be administered by Stark Community Foundation in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations under the guidance of the duly elected Board of Trustees of the Camp Tuscazoar Foundation. The fund’s primary goal is to meet the increasing costs of maintaining and operating Camp Tuscazoar. Only the interest income, not the principal, will be used. Through this special trust, Foundation members and friends can make lasting contributions which will benefit Camp Tuscazoar for generations. Contributions may be wholly or partly tax deductible. 

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Types of Gifts


Contributions should be made to the Camp Tuscazoar Endowment Fund and are normally tax-deductible.

Real Estate:

Contributions of portions of Camp Tuscazoar not owned by the Foundation should be made to the Camp Tuscazoar Foundation, Inc. and are normally tax-deductible. Contributions of other real estate should be made to the Camp Tuscazoar Foundation, Inc. with a specification by the donor that the real estate be used for the benefit of the Camp Tuscazoar Endowment Fund. Contributions may be subject to a retained life estate interest, if the donor desires, and are tax-deductible.


Contributions of securities should be made to the Camp Tuscazoar Endowment Fund. The gift of securities which have appreciated in value may allow a tax deduction by the donor.


Bequests should be made to the Camp Tuscazoar Endowment Fund. Charitable bequests may reduce estate taxes.

Life Insurance:

Contributors should designate the Camp Tuscazoar Endowment Fund as beneficiary and/or owner of the life insurance policy. Donors may be able to deduct both the cash surrender value and the annual premium.


Trusts established to provide lifetime incomes to a beneficiary may be structured such that, upon the death of the beneficiary, the remainder is paid to the Camp Tuscazoar Endowment Fund. The remainder may be tax-deductible and reduce estate taxes.

Life Income Agreement:

Donors contributing $5,000 or more may wish to participate in The Camp Tuscazoar Foundation Endowment Special Contribution Fund. Under this agreement, the donor or his/her designee will receive an annual income for life. A portion of the contribution may be deducted. Many other benefits also may exist for the donor. 

The Camp Tuscazoar Foundation is an Ohio non-profit corporation founded in 1986 for the purpose of purchasing, maintaining and perpetuating Camp Tuscazoar for use by scouts, church groups, schools and other community youth organizations. The Foundation was organized as a publicly-supported charitable organization; therefore, contributions to the Camp Tuscazoar Foundation, Inc. or the Camp Tuscazoar Endowment Fund may be wholly or partly deductible under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Please consider a donation. Your gift will benefit youth for generations. 

The information published on this page is not intended as a substitute for the advice of a tax advisor or attorney, but is published only as a guide.  Please consult with a qualified tax advisor or attorney before making a donation 

All information will be held strictly confidential unless the donor desires otherwise. 

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