Centennial Trail

Explore the history of Camp Tuscazoar

As part of Camp Tuscazoar’s centennial celebration, a collection of 100 historic sites throughout camp were identified and marked with a unique sign. The trail remains open and camp visitors are encouraged to hike to many or all of these sites to learn more about the camp’s rich history.

To begin your Centennial Trail adventure, visit the W.C. Moorhead Museum (next to the camp parking lot) to purchase a copy of the Centennial Trail Guide ($3) and a Centennial Trail Map ($2). The guide and map are also posted below and can be downloaded at no charge.

The map will help guide you to each site, where you will find a sign with a brief description. In the description on each sign, one key word is underlined. Write the underlined word next to the corresponding sign number on the “Centennial Trail Key Words” pages at the back of the guide. The guide also contains more detailed information about each site.

Centennial Trail Guide (PDF format) >

Centennial Trail Guide (Web page enhanced with photos) >

Centennial Trail Map (PDF format) >
(Designed for 11″x17″ paper)

Centennial Trail Map-Top (PDF format) >
(Designed for 8.5″x11″ paper)

Centennial Trail Map-Bottom (PDF format) >
(Designed for 8.5″x11″ paper)

The Centennial Trail can be completed by reaching the following levels::

Those who reach the Brave, Warrior or Chief level will be eligible to purchase a commemorative centennial coin ($5).

Once you have reached one of these levels, stop by the W.C. Moorhead Museum. We will verify your list of key words and will have the commemorative coins available for purchase.