Phase I – Removal of Non-Period Steel

Completed: August 1998

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Clearing non-period steel
The bridge needed cleared of non-period steel additions; guardrails and some pipe had been added after its move to this location. These additions can be seen in this picture. The stringers (running from end to end) were rusted beyond repair and had to go as well.
Thanks to Steiner Farms
Thanks to Steiner Farms for their hard and careful work and for their enthusiasm for our project.

The following pictures are from late summer of 1998:

Clearing non-period steel
With the weight of the non-period steel and rusted stringers removed, the Zoarville Station Bridge was relieved of six tons of stress.

Danger of loss or stress damage has been greatly reduced and our plan for renovation is well under way.

Thanks to Steiner Farms
Here we can see some of the rust damage which necessitated repair and relief of weight. Also notice the non-period pipe (on the right) which needed to be and was removed.