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More than a century ago, Camp Tuscazoar was created as a Boy Scout Camp by scouts and leaders who recognized that the beauty and history of the land offered a valuable place for boys to learn, grow and become young men.  Now, as a non-profit group, the Camp Tuscazoar Foundation, Inc. owns and operates the property in much the same way, for the same reasons.

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With over 850 acres of forested hills and valleys along the banks of the Tuscarawas River, rich with Indian lore and local history, Camp Tuscazoar is Ohio’s most historic camp. In rustic cabins and wilderness campsites young people can spend weekends surrounded by nature, endure the elements, explore the heritage of the pioneers who settled the lands and blazed trails, and discover the Indian wisdom of ages past.

The Camp Tuscazoar Foundation is comprised of dedicated volunteers, many of whom were scouts or scout leaders that camped at Camp Tuscazoar. We donate our time to maintain the camp and its facilities so that more children, like us, can grow here and carry the lessons on into life. 

Our camp needs your help and new members are always welcome! We operate on donations, grants, memberships, fundraisers and camping fees with the goal of perpetuating the camp for use by scout groups, church groups, schools and other youth organizations. With regularly scheduled events and year-round camping we raise some funds, but donations are always encouraged and welcome!

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Primitive campsites, cabins and lodges, adirondacks, RV sites and more info on individual and group camping.

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We are not supported by any other organization or corporation, so memberships and donations are vital.

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A General Endowment Fund guarantees income in the future for projects at Camp Tuscazoar.

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Complete your service project (Eagle, Gold Award, etc.) at Camp Tuscazoar.

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Commemorate your Eagle Rank or the Eagle Rank of a friend or relative.

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Feel free to hike or ride the miles of trails throughout the camp and visit our many points of interest. Please sign in first.

Land Trust >

The Northern Tuscarawas Land Trust is dedicated to preserving valuable lands in Tuscarawas County and surrounding counties.

Tuscazoar Retreat

Camp Tuscazoar History >

The story of Camp Tuscazoar, and how it came to be.

Camp Buckeye >

A tribute to Camp Buckeye, our sister camp

Tuscazoar Hymn >

Here it lies in nature’s splendor as in days gone by; Nestled down among the green hills ‘neath the clear blue sky.

Eagle Bricks >

Commemorate your Eagle Rank or the Eagle Rank of a friend or relative.

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