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Zoar Valley 

Schoenbrunn to Ft. Laurens
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Preservation & Restoration

Zoar Valley Trail Guide

The Camp Tuscazoar Foundation has assumed operations of the historic Zoar Valley Trail. This scenic 20-mile trail provides hikers with a variety of historical sites and changes in terrain from rolling hills to level paths. The trail is anchored at the southern end by the village of Schoenbrunn in New Philadelphia and on the north by Fort Laurens in Bolivar. The trail passes Zoar, with an overnight stop at Camp Tuscazoar.

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The Zoar Valley Trail Guide  (Mileage from Schoenbrunn)

Miles Directions Topomap Photo
0.0 Schoenbrunn Topomap Photo
  Leave Schoenbrunn and follow SR 39 to University Drive (TR 312)     
  Turn right onto University Drive and proceed east    
0.8 Entrance to Trumpet In The Land    
2.5 Cemetery/Junction of TR 312 and TR 306 (Ridge Road) Topomap Photo
  Turn left onto Ridge Road heading northwest    
3.6 Pass through intersection of Ridge Rd. and TR 313--continue west    
5.9 Leave Ridge Rd./Follow Dawn Drive northwest to SR 39 Topomap Photo
6.3 Turn right onto SR 39 and head east to Hillandale Road    
6.4 Turn north on Hillandale Road/Follow Hillandale Road to old railroad bed    
6.5 Turn right and head east on old railroad bed    
7.1 Turn left and head north on Pleasant Valley Rd. (TR314) Topomap Photo
9.4 Turn right and head northeast on Reed's Run Road  Topomap Photo
9.6 Turn left and head west on Johnstown Road.    
10.1 Join with SR 416    
10.2 Turn right and head north on old railroad bed Topomap Photo
12.6 Dover Dam Topomap Photo
12.9 Trail to Buzzards Roost    
13.4 Trail to central Camp Tuscazoar    
14.6 Leave old railroad bed/Turn left and head downhill to the Zoarville Station Bridge    
14.8 Cross Connotton Creek    
15.0 Join SR 800/Turn left and head southwest at intersection     
15.2 Cross Tuscarawas River    
15.3 Leave SR 800/Turn right and head north on Ohio-Erie Canal towpath    
17.4 Wheeling & Lake Erie RR bridge Topomap Photo
18.0 Old Zoar Bridge    
18.3 Lock #10 Topomap Photo
19.2 Lock #9    
19.4 Lock #8 Topomap Photo
19.6 Lock #7    
19.8 Pass over I-77    
20.1 Enter Ft. Laurens grounds.  Follow trail parallel to I-77.  Note canal on right and Indian
mound on the left

General Information

Zoar Valley Trail patch small

A patch is available for those who complete the Zoar Valley Trail.

For additional information, or to make arrangements to hike the trail, call or write:

Camp Tuscazoar Ranger
Phone: (330) 859-2288

To reserve a campsite, call or write to:
Camp Tuscazoar Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 308
Zoarville, OH 44656-0308
Phone: (330) 859-2288