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Gold Rush Competition Review - 1999

The pictures are here!!! (My scanner broke.)

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1999 Gold Rush Patch

We had snow.

We had ice.

I don't think we had polar bears...

but we sure had fun!



Station to station, the participants saw Camp Tuscazoar in it's snow covered glory. Despite some clouds and occasional winds, the sun broke through and the weather was great. Patrols who brought their klondike sleds had good solid trails. Thanks guys. Your sleds and coup sticks really add to patrol spirit. We like to see that.

Event chairman and Foudation president Don Selby had planned a series of Native American type games and challenges which tested the ability of patrols to work together. Their skills in physical and logical tasks made competition tough and more than one task had very close results.

Lunch was a real spread! Pork, chili, hot dogs and more fell vitim to the hungry young men and women who had worked up hearty appetites on the trails. Bob Spencer's gang of volunteers and his loyal troop again made another event meal a feast.

Our hats go off to all of you who met and conquered the challenges of the day!!


Gold Rush 1999 B Gold Rush 1999 E Gold Rush 1999 A
B Spencer
The cook and CTF's veep, Bob Spencer.
Gold Rush 1999 F  Gold Rush 1999 C
Gold Rush 1999 I
Mike Snider chops wood to keep warm.
Gold Rush 1999 D  



Thanks to everyone for all your help and dedication. We had a great time!

Come on down for Dover Dam Weekend May 7-8-9. Event chairman Mike Snider has got some grand plans. Make your reservations, make your plans and keep an eye on the HOME page for more details as we get them.