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Pig Gig Campout Review - 1998


Pig cooking 1998
Dana Powers checks on li'l Porky.
1998 Pig Roast art  

Oh, what a beautiful weekend. Sunny and warm... and with the sweet aroma of roasting meat wafting through central camp! It was fabulous. Many thanks to all the volunteers who pitched in and helped to prepare our facilities ahead of time. And more thanks to those who spent days and nights at camp roasting the pigs and preparing the feast. It was scrumptious!

Hungry folks just kept coming and coming...

Pig Roast 1998 1
Pig Roast 1998 2

The latest addition to our facilities is the newly completed Roaster Shelter. Thanks to Dick Matheny's careful design and supervision, this open shelter gives us a whole new outdoor kitchen area. With permanent roasters and a brick charcoal pit, we really are prepared to do the food up right! And it works great! Thanks Dick... we love it!!

Thank You Dick ! From all of us. 

Special thanks to all of you who came to Camp Tuscazoar and camped... or just came and ate. We loved having you and appreciate your involvement with our camp. The whole weekend was such a very special event and everyone had a great time... even those of us who worked so hard to make it happen.

That's Dick on the right supervising as Jay Ohliger and Dana take a well roasted pig out of one of the two cookers. These guys worked all night roasting pigs and it's no easy task.

Pig Roast 1998 3
Pig Roast 1998 4

Then Dick pitched right in helping Shane and Brian (yep, that's me) clean that pig and prepare the meat for the next day's chow line.  

Pig Roast 1998 5

It's no easy job and we did it over and over... it takes a lot of roast pork to fill up our hungry campers and visitors.   

Tom Duplain, Larry Groves and Eric Schoenbaum dish out the goodies.

(I was helping in there too, handing out the baked potatoes, but someone had to take pictures.)

Pig Roast 1998 6
Pig Roast 1998 7

A late summer afternoon made the wait for dinner not too tough to handle. Hungry Scouts lined the walkway to Kimble Hall, all of them soon to be stuffed with hearty chow.

Later that evening, Dale Tschantz, Tom Duplain and Larry Groves (those are his arms) emceed the campfire at the amphitheater. That "Baby Shark" cheer was great, Tom!

We didn't invite the 'skeeters but they were there anyway! Ouch, slap, itch.

Pig Roast 1998 8
Pig Roast 1998 9 Pig Roast 1998 10

A special guest, Dan Fladung, a Native American performer, put on a marvelously captivating show. With his authentic trappings and instruments, he enthralled the crowd and taught us about Indian culture and tribal ways. Thanks Dan. Come back and see us.

So this was our Saturday, and on Sunday we did the meal all over again for our public fundraiser. Man, what a job! But we love it and we sure fed some folks!! Thanks to all for such strong support and attention. Camp Tuscazoar lives and thrives with the strength of our volunteers and the people who come to camp and use it as it always was meant to be used.

We will "Keep the Spirit Burning" and we'll do it with pride and care. (And if we can do it with full bellies we'll do it then too.)

See you all next year! -TuscaBC

Dan Fladung's show really was terrific. If you or your group would like to contact him for a similar performance you can email me at info@tuscazoar.org and I will put you in touch. We encourage his efforts to teach others about his heritage.