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Gold Rush Competition Review - 1998


Gold Rush X

February 13 - 15, 1998

Gold Rush 1998 patch 

Another exciting Camp Tuscazoar Event and the weather was fine! Fun was had by all and here are the pictures to prove it!!

Fire Gold Rush 1998

Fire building has always been a skill which challenges the wilderness camper.

These scouts did just fine... eventually.
Ball Gold Rush 1998

With a mighty heave the softball heads for the bottles!!!

Tree Gold Rush 1998

By sighting past his thumb this scout uses his buddy to judge the height of the marked tree. The task was to calculate where the tree's crown would hit when the tree was cut down. Each patrol drove a stake into the ground to mark their selected spot.

At the end of the day's events the tree was felled and the patrol with the closest stake was awarded the most points for this task.

You all did a pretty good job and everybody was pretty close!

Neil Gold Rush 1998

Event Co-Chairman Neil Rupe gave patrols one last chance to pick up some event points by checking their equipment.


Outdoor wilderness bowling proved a real challenge and many a gutterball were to be seen this day!!

Bowl1 Gold Rush 1998 Bowl2 Gold Rush 1998

Gold Rush 1998 Winners Div 3

Division III

Troop 20 Webelos

Wrenn Bellamy, Sean Harris, Adam Markley, Joshua Shaw,Scott Hoffman, Steven Sedlock and Ryan Markley.

Total score - 139

  Gold Rush 1998 Winners Div 2

Division II

Troop 454 Pedro Patrol

James Studer, Matt Cahill, Ryan Hutson, Aaron Napier and Nate Whitfield.

Total score - 153

  Gold Rush 1998 Winners Div 1

Division I

Troop 18 Rednecks Patrol

Mike Hoskins, Tony Perna, Mike Larkins, John Nickerson, Joe Rowe and Tyler Toussiant.

Total score - 164

Congratulations & Thanks !!!