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Dover Dam Weekend Review - 1998


1998 "Mystery" Weekend



There was no mystery about why we were wet, even at the 1998 Dover Dam Mystery Weekend. But then, it usually is wet. Spring in Ohio just seems to know when we're going camping.

With a mystery to be solved our campers scoured the camp for solutions to clues which led them to important locations. Their clues led them from Pioneer Point to Buzzard's Roost and from the Tunnel to The Museum. Upon finding these places the groups received an article which would, at the end of their journey, become one of the components to Icky's Head Dress. Each patrol would put their articles together in their own special creative way to make the best head dress they could. And they sure did!!! 


Once again, our Trustee Bob Spencer and his loyal troop and dedicated adult leaders put together an exciting CTF event and the Spaghetti Dinner we all enjoyed.

Those meatballs are awesome!!! 

Meatballs at Dover Dam Weekend 1998 
Bob Spencer DDW 1998

"What do you MEAN you're full ????!!!

C'mon... You can eat more than that !!!"


Thanks again to Bob's Crew, and to all of our participants.