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Pig Gig Campout Review - 1997

The '97 Pig Gig was glorious!!!

The weather couldn't have been better and neither could the food. Thanks to all our campers, visitors, and the volunteers who helped us feed over 400 hungry pig lovin' people.


Here we see Jim checking one of our pigs in one of the Camp's new roasters.

Its not an easy job, and Jim and his buddies worked really hard to get the pigs cooked and ready for our hungry crowd.

Many thanks to Jim and all the others who were invaluable.

Our new Pig Roasters and cooking area made things easier and it was great to "christen" the facility with such a wonderful event.

Roasting Pigs Pig Gig 1997 
Pig Gig Corral 1997

As you can see...the weather was perfect!!!

What a way to celebrate Autumn!!! )


Kevin O'Brien teaches a group of campers some of the camp songs that have been sung at Camp Tuscazoar for decades.

(Tapes of camp songs are available from our Trading Post in The W.C. Museum, and can can be found at our web site Trading Post too.)

Song class Pig Gig 1997      
Pig Gig feed line 1997

It was no easy feat, but the feed line moved smoothly and anyone hungry was soon filled to the brim with roasted pork, baked potato, green beans and more.

Again...thanks to all the volunteers, trustees, members and scouts who helped us prepare and serve the wonderful meal.

We look forward to seeing everyone at next year's Pig Gig...
and all the other 
1998 Camp Tuscazoar events too!!