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Dover Dam Weekend Schedule - 1997

 This is the official '97 Dover Dam Weekend Schedule.

Weekend Chairman Bob Spencer wants to welcome all of you to Camp Tuscazoar, and hopes each and every one of you enjoys the planned events of the day! Lets go have fun!!

Friday 5:00 - 9:00 PM Unit Check-in (in parking lot)
9:00 PM Patrol Leader Meeting in Kimble Dining Hall.
10:00 PM Leader Cracker- barrel in Kimble Dining Hall.
11:00 PM Taps and Quiet
Saturday 7:30 AM Reveille
8:30 AM Flag Raising Ceremony at Parade Grounds in central camp.
8:30 AM Day-only Check-in (at Duryee Lodge in central camp)
10:00 AM - Noon Trading Post will be open.
and 2:00- 4:00 PM Trading post will be open.
Morning Events
9:00 - 11:30 AM Dover Dam Tours (assigned times only)*
9:00 AM Canoeing Pick-Up (in parking lot)
9:00 AM - Noon Camp Wide Scavenger Hunt and Activity Stations
Noon - 1:00 PM "Lunch (your food at your campsite or wherever you want to eat it.
Afternoon Events
1:00 - 4:00 PM Dover Dam Tours (assigned times only)*
5:00 PM Retreat Flag ceremony at Parade Grounds in central camp.
5:15 PM Dinner I (Kimble Dining Hall)**
6:15 PM Dinner II (Kimble Dining Hall)**
7:30 PM Chaplain's Aides Meeting (Kimble Dining Hall)
8:30 PM Campfire (at Troop 5 Cabin)
10:30 PM Taps and Quiet
Sunday 9:30 AM Church Service at Tom's Chapel
10:00 AM - Noon Site/Lodge Inspections and Unit Check-Out ***
10:00 AM - Noon Trading Post will be open.

Additions and changes will be announced at the Leader's Cracker-barrel Friday night. Other announcements will be made at the morning and afternoon Flag ceremonies in central camp.

* IMPORTANT - Units will be assigned a Dover Dam tour time Friday evening. You must be at the Dam on time for your tour. Please allow at least 45 minutes to arrive at the Dam from central camp.

** Units will be assigned a dinner serving time Friday evening. Please make certain that your unit attends dinner at the assigned time. Thank you.

***Please try to schedule a time for your inspection before Sunday morning. Our inspectors will be very busy, and you might have to await for them.

The First Aid Station is located in Duryee Lodge in central camp, and will be staffed.

Upon check-in, a schedule of the events will be provided, along with a map,check-in forms, evaluation form, Emergency weather plan, and various other brochures.

Vehicle access to camp will be controlled. All vehicles admitted into main camp must stay on the roadways and must be returned to the parking lot after gear is unloaded, as others will be waiting their turn to drive in their gear.

Do not throw trash or garbage into the latrines. Buckets have been provided for trash. Be sure this area is included in your unit clean-up plans. And please, do not pour grease down the drains in any of the buildings. There will be NO dumpster available for camper use. Camp policy is "Pack it in, pack it out." Please burn all burnable items. Do not leave any trash in the fire rings. All pop cans or glass should be placed into the recycling containers at Duryee Lodge. Help us to keep our camp clean.

All applications, rosters, fees, and group Dam tour requests must be turned in before the close of the Leader's Cracker-barrel on Friday night.

Day visitors may join smaller Dam tour groups by signing up in Duryee Lodge Saturday AM.

There will be campsite / lodge inspections. All units must be checked out by authorized inspector. Please leave a day's worth of firewood at your site or lodge for the next campers. All trash and garbage and gear must be removed at check-out. Vehicle traffic will be controlled for check-out as it is for check-in. Your cooperation will be appreciated, and will help us get things done more quickly.

Please read and follow all Camp Regulations at all times.


"Let's all have a great time!!!" - Chairman Bob