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Dover Dam Weekend Review - 1997

Tree Down DDW 1997

Yes...It certainly was exciting when this tree fell across Boy Scout Road and took out the electric power lines which power the camp. It was the middle of the night before power was restored, and it was a real test of scouting resourcefulness to feed the hundreds of hungry campers and volunteers, but we did it! And we owe it all to Chairman Bob Spencer and his preparedness.

Thanks Bob!
It was great!!

There are more pictures below!

"Whew!!!" said Chairman Bob

1997 Dover Dam Weekend proved to be exciting, challenging, and full of surprises !!!

 One of the most exciting things about the weekend was the weather...we never knew what was going to happen next !!!

Over 200 kids participated at Camp Tuscazoar for Dover Dam Weekend, and I think it is safe to say that they all got wet at least once. There were nice periods of warm beautiful sunshine, but everyone will remember the windy thunderstorm that hit camp at about 2 PM Saturday. It downed several trees throughout camp, one of which took out the electric lines on Boy Scout Road, leaving all of Camp Tuscazoar without power and blocking the road for most of the afternoon. Strong gusts of wind blew canopies down, and at one point, tumbled a small dome tent clear through central camp. We even had some hail!! But that storm only lasted about half an hour, and it did little to "dampen" the spirit of all the scavenger hunt participants. Soon it cleared up again, and everyone was right back on the trails in search of the nuggets they needed for the contest.

A big "CONGRATULATIONS" goes out to the Girl Scouts who showed-up all the boys by winning the scavenger hunt hands down, with 136 of a possible 162 points!!!

Dinner was a challenge without electricity in the kitchen, but thanks to resourceful Chairman Bob Spencer, his troop of helpful kids, and the dedicated Camp trustees and volunteers, dinner was served hot and on time. There was plenty of steaming spaghetti, mounds of sauce, and meatballs for everybody, despite attempts by many scouts to make us run out of food!! It was a nice try, but we were ready for that. A special thanks to Mrs. Spencer for adding the meatballs to our usual fare...it was a delicious and welcome treat. 

Wow! You campers sure can put away a lot of spaghetti and meatballs!!!

The electric was restored around midnight, and Sunday morning we awoke to bright, clear, dry skies. The morning was beautiful and check out went smoothly.  

A good time was had by all!!!

Thanks Chairman Bob Spencer for all your hard work!! You really pulled it off!!

We hope to see everyone at the Pig Gig Weekend on Sept. 12 thru 14.

"Now...here are those pictures I promised. Sorry they took so long." 

Group by fire DDW 1997

This gang of scouts was glad to be warmed by our fire after scouring the camp all day competing in the scavanger hunt ...and WOW...did they ever put away some spaghetti and meatballs!!!


Camp Tuscazoar's events are great experience
for younger scouts.

These guys were tired but happy, and soon were full of spaghetti too. "Mom" was pretty beat and I'd bet she was glad to get home that night.

We like to see our Cub Scouts participating and hope we can encourage more, for they are the Boy Scouts and foundation members and trustees of the future.

Cubs at Dover Dam Weekend 1997 

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