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Gold Rush Competition Review - 1997

The 1997 Camp Tuscazoar Foundation GOLD RUSH is a rousing success!!!!

With over 150 campers, the Gold Rush was an exciting event. The weather surprised us all by providing about 3 inches of fresh snow Friday night which blanketed the camp in white, and made the sledding just terrific.

A special thank you goes to Jim Murray and Joe Snyder for putting together this event and planning such exciting and entertaining cities! The "bomb" city was a big hit and provided a real challenge for patrols to work together. All the cities focused on some form of skills or teamwork and that made the day a real learning experience as well as a real workout.

Steaming cups of chili and grilled cheese sandwiches, as much as you could stuff in your face, warmed up all of our participants in the middle of the day. And with the events continuing after lunch, everybody was ready to let loose when the Saturday evening Rendezvous was held in Kimble Hall. Camp Trustee Dale Tschantz led the group of die-hard campers and Gold Rushers in songs and cheers and Joe Snyder and Jim Murray played along. Then came the awards where the top scoring patrols were lauded for their successes at the cities and having met the challenges of the day and coming through them as winners! A big Tuscazoar YA-HOO goes out to all the winning patrols of each division!!!!

'97 Gold Rush Pictures


Trustee Dale Tschantz supervises as Gold Rush participants are tested on their ability to split firewood using the contact method.

All of the contestants were able to complete this simple test of camping skill...and no bandages were needed.

Way to go scouts! And thanks for cutting up the wood for our fire!

Gold Rush 1997 1 
Gold Rush 1997 2

We were glad to see some patrols did have klondike sleds, and we hope more will build them and bring them next year. It makes the event more of a challenge and makes the teamwork all that much more important. And there is less to carry up and down the hills...you only need to drag everything. Oh, its such fun!!!! The sleds we saw were decorated with troop colors and names and colorful patrol flags. That's the spirit we like to see!!!!

Thanks Flaming Pheasants!! (What a name!)


Trustee Harry Wood tests Gold Rush participants' abilities to identify objects using all their senses, except sight. It proved challenging for some, simple for others, and pretty gross for everybody by the end of the day! Thanks Harry!

"Hey Kid! I wouldn't lick my fingers if I was you."

Gold Rush 1997 3      

Thanks to everyone who volunteered at the '97 Gold Rush and to all the participants!!!

It's you who help Keep the Spirit Burning at Camp Tuscazoar.

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