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Dover Dam Weekend - 2018

Join us at Camp Tuscazoar's 31st annual 

Dover Dam Weekend

May 4-6 for Plant Science Merit Badge 

Plant Science Merit Badge patch


Scouts know plants!  

But beyond identifying plants, how well do scouts know plants? Think about it. What do they really know? Here’s a chance to take that relationship with plants to a whole new level! Scouts will learn what’s needed for plants to thrive. How to identity parts of a flower. The importance of photosynthesis. The critical need for honeybees and other pollinating insects. How to propagate seeds, roots, cuttings, tubers, and grafting. Do a field study. Know the good plants from the invaders in the local ecosystem.

The 2018 Dover Dam weekend will broaden scouts’ appreciation and understanding of nature, and how scouts can help add to the health of plants and our environment. University of Akron biology professor Dr. Randy Mitchell will be our keynote presenter. He’s been active in science projects that directly involve laypeople; worked on the Ohio Bee Atlas; and, served as an Eagle Scout project advisor at Bath Nature Preserve.

Hey Unit Advisor & parents!  If we’re really going to appreciate the nature that surrounds us, if we’re going to be good stewards now, and for generations to come, we need to be able to do more than distinguish between an American & English plantain for summer camp honors nature requirement. Here’s a chance to begin that broader journey.

Cubs & Webelos are welcome too. If requested, we’ll review requirements at all their levels, figure out how the program meshes with those requirements, and then slot your unit into the appropriate sessions.  

And since this is Dover Dam Weekend, you will also have the chance to go inside a real dam! Throw in a commemorative patch, a great dinner and an old-fashioned campfire and it makes for one great weekend.

Pre-registration is required for both camping & program!

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Scouts enjoyed hands-on plant science at Dover Dam Weekend

2018 Dover Dam Weekend patch

University of Akron Professor Randy Mitchell, along with a collection of UA researchers and students, CVNP Rangers, and a handful of other critical volunteers, descended upon the camp at Dover Dam Weekend to help propagate a new generation of environmental stewards. Almost 400 scouts and advisors participated all day in hands-on plant science experiences.

Scouts literally sank their teeth into a cornucopia of plants, but not before considering the science of how each fruit and vegetable began and matured into our food. Each scout also started a plant to take home. Looking at plant reproductive parts under a microscope allowed them to see and draw those critical parts. After a nature hike in the Neta-Wat-Wes Valley, they removed invasive species. A Zoar Valley Trail hike focused on categories of plants, not just species, as well as plant ID techniques. Those skills had been enhanced by a different class on plant keys. Scouts received expert instruction on pollination while viewing an active beehive. Troops conducted multiple tree surveys noting the wide variety of species. The Army Corp of Engineers led Dover Dam tours.

After a fantastic meal featuring a taco & nachos bar, all headed to Hoover Amphitheater. Setting aside nerves, scouts stood and answered tough questions drawn from their earlier lessons. After showing off what they’d learned, they enjoyed each other’s skits, songs, and cheers before a blazing campfire.

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