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Dover Dam Weekend - 2017

Join us at Camp Tuscazoar's 30th annual 

Dover Dam Weekend

May 5-7 for Fire Safety Merit Badge 

Fire Safety Merit Badge patch

“Everybody likes to see firefighters and fire trucks ... in parades and at the fire station, not at our homes, schools, business, and camps. Obviously, “the ability to use fire safety is essential to human survival. Fire is a part of life. By learning important skills, our scouts will be better prepared to use fire safely.”

Those attending Dover Dam Weekend will learn valuable skills, and the critical importance of those skills. Scouts will learn to do the right things in the first place, so that fire doesn’t become a problem. But as we know, the best laid plans of mice and scouts often go awry, so scouts will also learn how to best respond when they encounter fire situations that have become fire problems. Demonstrations, as well as hands-on opportunities, will cover a multitude of fire safety skills, both preventative and reactive, including:

  • Stop, drop, roll, and cool
  • Causes of burn injuries and how to prevent them
  • Proper handling of flammable liquids;
  • The chemistry and physics of fire
  • Frequent causes of fire in the home and ways they can be prevented
  • The role of human behavior in the arson problem
  • Seasonal and holidays fires and how to prevent them
  • Home safety survey, including fire-escape plan, home fire-drills, smoke alarm maintenance, and fire extinguishers
  • Safety precautions in public buildings
  • Safe lighting techniques
  • Combustible versus noncombustible liquids and fabrics
  • The safe way to fuel a lawnmower
  • Proper ventilation and fueling for auxiliary heating devices
  • Outdoor and wildland fires and how to prevent them
  • Proper set-up and control of camping-related fires

And, yes, in addition to all those skill and training opportunities, there will be fire trucks, along with the men and women who are our community fire safety experts, helping to save lives and property.  

Boy Scouts can earn the Merit Badge. Cubs and Webelos can accomplish many of the fire safety requirements for their assorted badges.   The cost is $15 per participant, which covers all activities, the event patch, Saturday dinner, and the campfire. Camping costs are extra. Pre-registration is required, with the event expected to be at capacity. Check the Camp and event (http://camptuscdd.weebly.com) websites for more details later this month.

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For Camping info & reservations – Call the Camp Ranger at 330-859-2288 Or email the camp at reservations@tuscazoar.org.

For Program questions -   For program questions, contact camptuscddd@gmail.com.

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