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Dover Dam Weekend - 2011

Join us at Camp Tuscazoar's 24th annual 

Dover Dam Weekend

April 29 - May 1 for Archaeology Merit Badge 

Archaeology Merit Badge patch

“Archaeologists are detectives who study how people lived in the past. They figure out what happened, when, how, and why. Using the clues that people left behind, they try to understand how and why human culture has changed through time.”

You will have the opportunity to see how these history detectives figure out the when’s, how’s and why’s of the past. With guidance and instruction provided by both professional, as well as dedicated and experienced amateur archaeologists, you will learn about the techniques and tools used to transport oneself back in time, ultimately trying to see what you would have seen had you been there in person.  You will:

  • Learn about real archaeological sites around the world, and you will get to hold real artifacts discovered at real “digs”.
  • Meet a gentleman from the Revolutionary War period and travel back in time with him to the early days of our country.
  • Work with skilled crafters who will give you hands-on instruction in the crucial art of taking rough stone and delicately knapping away at it until it reveals the tools and weaponry critical to survival.
  • Participate in a dig where you and your friends, with the assistance of members of the Sugarcreek Valley Chapter of the Archeological Society of Ohio, will be given a plot to excavate.
  • Work a screen, carefully looking for any artifacts that may be discovered among the dirt and rocks.

And since this is Dover Dam Weekend, you will also have the chance to go inside a real dam!

Throw in a commemorative patch, a great dinner and an old-fashioned campfire and it makes for one great weekend.

The $12 per person activity fee includes all camp events, a souvenir patch and dinner on Saturday evening. Camping fees are additional. For more information, call 330-859-2288.

Archaeology…can you dig it!  

Here are a few photos from the weekend!

DDW 2011 3 DDW 2011 2 DDW 2011-1 DDW 2011-10 DDW 2011-9 DDW 2011-4 DDW 2011 8 DDW 2011 7 DDW 2011 6 DDW 2011 5

Current Logistics (Subject to Change) 

Printable version in PDF format   

Group leader: There are no prerequisites.  All requirements will be covered during the weekend. Scouts who complete all stations and turn in a properly completed blue card will receive signed blue cards back on Saturday! The cost is $12 per participant, which covers all activities, a commemorative patch and dinner Saturday night. Camping costs are extra and depend on selected site.

Friday Night

For those in camp, there will be one session in the Dining Hall beginning between 8 and 8:30 p.m., lasting about an hour. This will lighten your Saturday load. Each be given its schedule for Saturday, which will include all the MB stations and the Dam Tour.

Saturday Merit Badge Activities

  • Groups coming in Saturday morning should arrive by 7:30 a.m. to get registered and receive their schedule
  • Flag raising is at 8:05 a.m. First classes start at either 8:15 or 8:30.
  • There are six required stations on the schedule.  Follow your schedule!  There will also be an assigned slot for the Dover Dam tour.
  • This is hands-on whenever possible. At the Dig Site, groups will be a max of 6 to 8 people per plot. Cooperate quickly with this division. Good work gloves (leather) are required. There will be real artifacts in each plot, which can be taken home.
  • LUNCH: Please pack light and fast; be at your first afternoon station on time! Those who missed Friday’s session should pack a mobile lunch because you’ll be eating while attending that class during lunch.
  • Req. #5 requires scouts to make a presentation. A schedule of the archaeological sites taught for Req. #4, including what groups attended, will be posted. Each group must arrange with another group that learned about different sites to share two presentations with each other before the day is over.

Contact Camp Tuscazoar (330-859-2288) ASAP.  There will be a limit to make sure everyone can get their hands in the dirt. When registering, please include a good email address for contact purposes and updates. It would also be very helpful to give us the head count of youth participants as soon as you know!