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Gold Rush Competition Review - 2003

Despite winter's bitter cold, snow and ice, ten hearty groups crisscrossed Camp Tuscazoar in search of gold nuggets, lost cities and high marks for leadership, participation, safety and spirit.  They solved problems, cooked their meal on the trail, rescued fallen comrades (the first-aid challenge) and demonstrated their outdoor skills.  In the end, everyone could take satisfaction in a job well done. 

Event chairman Howard Rubin had the groups traveling from one end of the camp to the other, which helped keep bodies warm in the frigid weather. Fortunately, everyone was well-equipped for the cold.  No tennis shoes in this crowd!

Breakfast in the dining hall was a welcome start to the day.  And, as always, Bob Spencer's chili kept everyone warm and well-fed at the evening meal.  Later, precious gold nuggets won during the day's events were exchanged for trays of goodies!

Our thanks to all the volunteers who helped make the weekend a success.  See you next year!


Gold Rush 2003 1 Gold Rush 2003 7

Following breakfast, the events began with flag-raising at central camp (above).

Gold Rush 2003 2 Gold Rush 2003 3

Participants line up for inspection (above left).  A fallen camper is rescued (above right).

Gold Rush 2003 4 Gold Rush 2003 6

Along the trail, groups had to pitch a tent (left) and lash poles to retrieve a bucket (right).

Gold Rush 2003 5 Gold Rush 2003 8

he WC Moorhead Museum in in winter (left).  Howard Rubin displays a lost tent (right).

Gold Rush 2003 10 Gold Rush 2003 9

Bob Spencer (left) and Bob Lahmers auction trays of snacks.  At right, a hot meal is served.