KEEP THE SPIRIT BURNING Celebrating Our Centennial in 2020


Camp Tuscazoar was founded 100 years ago by Scout leaders who recognized that the beauty and history of the land offered a valuable place for boys to learn, grow and become young men. Today, Camp Tuscazoar continues to serve scouts and other youth organizations under the guidance of the Camp Tuscazoar Foundation, an Ohio non-profit corporation. Camp Tuscazoar remains a popular outdoor location, drawing large numbers of weekend campers and hikers each year.

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Maple Days

All are welcome to join us for a delicious pancake “breakfeast” featuring old fashioned maple syrup. Support the camp and learn how we produce our maple syrup!

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Dover Dam Weekend

Dover Dam Weekend will offer Scouts a chance to experience and to live the best of Camp Tuscazoar’s rich heritage. And a bonus is the opportunity to earn Scouting Heritage Merit Badge. As always, the weekend will include tours of Dover Dam!

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Centennial Events

Update (10/8/2019): We’ve posted a Radio Merit Badge Weekend for Oct. 16-18, 2020.

Throughout 2020, Camp Tuscazoar will celebrate its 100th anniversary. A wide variety of events, activities, commemorative items and other fun surprises will honor the fond memories, proud traditions and bright future of Camp Tuscazoar. Join us for a year of adventure and remembrance!

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Adventure Race

Rugged adventure awaits in this action-packed race on July 18! Run, paddle, trek, mountain bike and orienteer! Navigate your way around Camp Tuscazoar, the Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath Trail and the Tuscarawas River to see if you have what it takes to earn the title!

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Stockade Update

We have signed a contract to begin construction, but help is still needed! The Camp Tuscazoar Foundation is raising funds to construct another stockade, complete with a crossover bridge, during the camp’s 100th anniversary in 2020.

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Centennial Trail now open

As part of Camp Tuscazoar’s centennial celebration, a collection of 100 historic sites throughout camp have been identified and marked with a unique sign. During 2020, camp visitors are encouraged to hike to many or all of these sites to learn more about the camp’s rich history.

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December Newsletter

In our jam-packed December 2019 BREEZE newsletter, read about the plans for our 100th anniversary celebration, the upcoming Gold Rush Competition, and our Maple Days breakfast. We also recap our American Heritage Merit Badge and Mutty Paws events, review centennial items that are now available and much more!

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Centennial Items

We’re celebrating Camp Tuscazoar’s 100th anniversary in 2020! Thanks to Brian Quinn, we are offering a “100 Years of Memories” oversized patch. And we’ve added Centennial Caps, Centennial Hiking medallions, a Centennial Patch and hiking sticks as well.

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Anniversary Patches

For a limited time, we’re offering patches from our 75th anniversary and 90th anniversary events. All proceeds from the sale of these patches will support our stockade restoration project. Available for only $5 each, while supplies last!

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Maple Syrup

Try our pure, old-fashioned maple syrup!

Since 2004, our old-fashioned maple syrup, produced here at Camp Tuscazoar, has been a big hit! Order some and try it out on your pancakes.